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    Transforming concepts into reality, one project at a time. From discovery to design to development and testing, eGravity aims for a collaborative effort toward building a successful product.
    Security should not be an afterthought. These days, compromised data is often easily avoidable by being proactive. Having engaged in extensive training in SANS information security and cyber security training, the eGravity team also stays up to date on the latest OWASP online security threats to secure the safety of your data.

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Passionate about converting unique ideas into unique solutions, eGravity serves small to medium-sized enterprises across a spectrum of markets, including insurance, document management, mortgage assets and ecommerce. From simple applications to complex enterprise systems, eGravity’s dedicated staff brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to your custom project. For the best custom product, you not only want a company that’s fervent about developing software, but one that is as impassioned about design as they are adept at development. eGravity believes transparency is the key to project management, and that collaboration with their customers is the only sure way to success.

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Software Design & Development

This is eGravity’s passion: transforming ideas into reality. Here, design is equally as important as development. Project after project, eGravity is dedicated to building beautiful products that simplify everyday challenges.

Information Architecture
Front-End Design
Development & Testing

The eGravity Process





From the initial idea to the planning phase to imaginative design and development, eGravity is committed to finding your project’s best solution. Transparency and collaboration is their method and experience and know-how is their vehicle to success.

Project Management

At eGravity it’s understood that the best product comes from working with the customer, not for them. Project management is impossible without transparency and collaboration. You will be kept in the loop from concept to testing so you’ll be aware of where your project stands at every step of the process.

A seasoned team of designers and developers looks to advance your project through every step of the process toward your goal.

One Shared Goal

That’s the collaborative spirit eGravity brings to every project. From partnership to partnership, eGravity insists upon open communication, unreserved dedication, and bringing optimal energy every time. Proven methodologies, quality solutions: that’s the eGravity way.


Rapid Concepting

From brainstorming and planning to visual styling and programming, the eGravity methodology incorporates a collaborative effort toward your project’s completion.



Change makes for better products. Frequent assessment of design and development plans and being open to possible enhancements leaves your project open to the best possible results.



A collaborative process depends on open communication. eGravity aims for transparency at every step of the project and encourages the exchange of ideas and the frank expression of questions and concerns.



eGravity makes it a practice to regularly check in with progress reports to keep you abreast of completed tasks, time spent, and every upcoming plan to achieve projected goals.